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6 ‘Auto Window Tinting’ Benefits

Most vehicle owners tint the windows of their vehicles just for the sake of tinting it, or simply because it is the new trend. 90% of car owners give the most obvious reason for their car window tinting – “For privacy”.

However, privacy is not the only benefit you get from Auto Window Tinting. If you have tinted your car windows, then you would be happy to know that there are many additional benefits that you are getting in addition to privacy.

If you haven’t tinted you car windows or are not sure if you should go for it, then here are the top 6 reasons that will help you make your decision:


Sad but true – There might be some places in your town or neighborhood, where driving alone or even with a company could get risky, be it dark or not. The shade of the auto window tint guards your privacy wherever you go. In addition to that, it also protects the valuables lying inside your car from thugs, when you’re not around. Keeping a low profile sometimes helps!

UV Protection

I am sure you know that the UV rays from the direct sunlight damages your skin. But did you know that a prolonged exposure to it accelerates ageing and can also cause skin cancer? Auto window tinting reduces harmful UV rays by up to 90%.

Extra Strong Windows

God forbid, but if you meet with an accident then the tint helps to keep your car windows from shattering upon impact. Car window Tint can go a very long way to protecting your life and the lives of your company, if anything unexpected happens.

Enhanced Visibility While Driving

We all agree that while driving, the direct sunlight or extreme glare from other sources of light can get annoying when it hits the eyes. That, to some point is ok, but sometimes it could get fatal!

Car window tint soothes the extreme glare and protects your vision from all sources of light. This way you can avoid accidents and mishaps.

Keeping The Heat Out

Driving your car with a broken cooler and showing up at work drenched in sweat is a bad combination. During scorching summers, the car window tint will help reduce the heat inside your car by 60%.

Even if your cooler works well, this is the best way to beat the heat and save the car battery!

Long Lasting Upholstery

We all have seen cracked leather and faded upholsteries in our car after years of driving it. The UV rays and the heat from direct sunlight turns the car’s interior just in a few years.

The best way to prevent this common sight is – Car window tinting. 90% of harmful UV rays and heat that could have entered your cars are deflected away.

Advance Technics is a group of professionals that have excellent skills and knowledge in Auto Window Tinting in Euless, Texas. For booking or to know more on Auto Window Tinting, call us at (817) 571-8468 or email us – cben22@sbcglobal.net

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