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Car Graphics/Vehicle Wraps – The Voice Of Your Vehicle

Let me start this blog with a small game. I will give you a word and all you have to do is visualize it with whatever you can relate it to.

Ok, now the word is – ‘Car Graphics or Vehicle Wraps’. Now, explore your imagination and see what comes to your mind?

If you are a lady, then I’m sure, you are imagining stickers of flowers, cute unicorn, butterflies, angel or anything that’s colorful. But if you are a guy then you probably are thinking of a black galloping horse, skulls, tribal signs, the name of your favorite bands or anything that looks tough and hardcore.

But, that’s not all! If you are someone who owns a business or want to deliver a message to the world, then Car Graphics/Vehicle Wraps can be your voice! How?

Well this is how:

  •  Vehicle advertising is considered to be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising.
  •  They are the most ideal method for promoting your company brand, products, services, or even your events!
  • Vehicle marketing reaches above 80% of people of all income levels. That’s greater than any other advertising media.
  • A single vehicle wrap can get around 50,000 impressions daily!
  • Make a powerful impact with graphic messages of any size. Studies show that designed/artistic fonts attract attention more quickly than simple fonts.
  • Vehicles with advertising graphics boost brand recognition 15 times greater than any other advertising media.
  • A study shows that around 30% of people make their buying decisions based on the ads they see on vehicles.
  • It is the best way to reach commuters on highways, city streets, and parking lots.
  • The best thing about vehicle advertising is that it reaches consumers that are not exposed to newspaper and television.
  • How about this – every traffic jam becomes your marketing opportunity!
  • When compared impressions made per dollar, a vehicle wrap can deliver 2,500 impressions per dollar spent on advertising campaign.

Again, that’s not all. There are more other advantages of Car Graphics/Vehicle Wraps. We will come back with more next time.

Until then, plan and look for designs that you want to have on your vehicles.

View our Info-graphic on Vehicle Wraps and Its Benefits.


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