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Car Window Tinting Is Not Just About ‘Visual Upgrade’

There is a basic misconception among many people that car windows are tinted just for the visual appearance. It does provide the sheer aesthetic pleasure, but this is not the end of story. Let’s turn a page of ignorance and understand what else it can offer.

Skin protection

On any day, the first and most vital benefit of auto window tinting is ‘safety’. You might already know that the UV rays (that you absorb while driving) can damage your skin. But, did you also know that a prolonged period of exposure can even lead to skin cancer?

By tinting car windows, you don’t have to face the sun and you can get rid of 99% harmful rays.

Upholstery Protection

The excessive heat and UV rays coming from direct sunlight can also harm your upholstery. However, this is highly preventable – thanks to window tinting.

Window tint keeps your vehicle interior from getting hot (further leading to warp, fade or crack).  Your seat covers will then be happier than ever.


Having a ride is an utterly emotional experience at the best of times. But riding in total privacy, ever better! Privacy helps in heightening those precious emotions, for real.

Not only this, you might also have a gamut of valuable items in your car – be it GPS units, tools, sound systems or any other expensive stuff. By making these materials clearly visible to the inquisitive eyes, you obviously wouldn’t want to entice thieves.

If you are concerned about keeping your belongings safe, tint is an effective and affordable alternative to expensive alarm systems.

Cool ride

If you have driven your car on a bright sunny day then you already know how annoying and frustrating a strong glare can be.  This is when window tint can come into action.  It is so effective that even lighter shades can serve the purpose to provide an uber cool ride.

You don’t want to keep your hand on forehead when “Highway to hell” is pumping up in your music system. Or, do you?

 Shatter proofing:

The chance of window shattering is extremely high during the time of any accident. However, the strong adhesive tint film can hold the cracked glass together preventing it from any further damage. You might have heard a lot of horror stories about injured crash victims. Had they put proper window tint, the story would have been completely different.

Look, duh!

Not just for all the millennial who love to black out their windows, tinting is also a desirable aesthetic upgrade for mature and older people. With a variety of tint shades available, you can opt for the one that complements your personality. A nice light-colored tint will give your car an outright classy appearance.

Apparently, tinting is not just done to boost the look of your vehicle and it has got more to offer.  What are they? You can answer now, may be!


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