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Does Auto Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside My Vehicle?

Having been in this business for more than 3 decades, we receive a lot of questions regarding Auto Window Tinting. And one of the most common questions that we usually receive is “Does auto window tint help reduce heat inside my car?”

And as always, we have one short answer to that question – Yes.

In fact, this is one of the most advantageous features of window tint. However, we thought that it would beneficial for you if you learn about how window tint works in providing you heat rejection.

So how does it work?

The main objective of window tint is to reject maximum amount of thermal rays from the Sun. However, it is designed in such a way that only certain amount of radiation is passed through your car windows. This way, heat is blocked and only wavelengths that create light are passed through.

Keeping your vehicle cooler

Our car windows (especially the front windows) are designed to provide you a wide angle view of the outside. However, it also allows maximum amount of solar energy to enter your car.

We all know that being exposed to UV rays for a longer period of time is harmful for our health. But along with that, this solar energy also heats up your car to uncomfortable temperatures (especially when your car is parking out in the sun).

Since window tint filters wavelengths from the sun that generates heat, it naturally keeps your car cooler during hot summers.

Amount of heat blocked

Now the most important part – how much heat can window tint block?

Before we move on to how much heat it rejects, it is important to know that different shades, types, and make of tint provide different percentage of solar heat rejection. You should always inquire the manufacturer or the window tint installerabout the percentage of heat rejection that the particular tint provides.

Normal window tint can provide up to 35-45% of heat rejection, while premium tint can provide heat rejection up to 75-80%.

If you have more questions related to Auto Window Tint then you can call Cory at (817) 571-8468. You can also contact us online.


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