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Hey, isn’t that window tint illegal?

While summer is at its best, nothing can keep the interior of your vehicle cooler than a well tinted vehicle windows (and yes, that is apart from the air conditioning).

But most of us try to over-do than what is required and put ourselves in some kind of trouble. Yes, tinting your auto windows is ‘OK’, but splurging is definitely not a good idea. There are benefits of window tinting, but over-doing can certainly cost you more.

Long story short – make your auto windows too dark and you can be cited.

However, it is not always your fault. Most auto window tinting shops let you choose from about 5 to 6 shades of tint. While one is nearly transparent, the last one is usually the darkest one (or the illegal shade of the tint).

They allow customers to select tints that excessively exceed legal limits. So, it is recommended that you do your own research while you choose the right auto window tinting installer.

So what is the ‘allowed’ percentage of shade? Well, anything that lets 35 percentage of light inside the vehicle is good to go. And only few tinting shops will provide you with legal tint shades.

And to find those few good men, see how long they have been doing this business. Anyone with more than 10 years of experience can be trusted. They would have been shut down a long time ago if they had been fooling their customers. Right?

Or, simply ask for their clients’ contact numbers. Talk to those clients and see if they have ever been fined for illegal window tint. Simple.

Also don’t think that you will be able to fool the officers. They use special device that sends a laser through the tinted windows to calculate the amount of light that is being passed.

Remember, they don’t regulate what tinting shops are selling. So, it’s your duty to make sure you aren’t breaking the law.

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