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Is Your Car Ready for a “Cool” Ride?

You have packed your bag, your playlist is full of classic rock numbers, the trip route is mapped out and your dog is at grandpa’s farm house. Now what more? Hold on, I think you missed out one extremely important checklist – Is your car ready for the ride?

Since summer is just too close, you cannot afford to overlook this issue.  Here are some really important things that you need to check before gearing up for the trip.

Battery check

Yes, batteries can last for a few years. But after like 4 years or so, you need to be a bit more careful and check if it’s in a proper condition. Heat is one major issue during summer as it can be quite tough on a battery. The fluid of battery can evaporate, and consequently, it can damage the internal plates and hasten corrosion.

Change fluids

I don’t think I need to remind you how crucial role engine fluids can play – esp. to maintain the health of a vehicle in hot weather. If the fluid level is low, it decreases the ability of your car to cool down and further, leads to overheating, which is disastrous for mechanical components of your four-wheeler. You can change the fluid with the help of your owner’s manual. But hey! Make sure the fluid is the correct and recommended type.

Keep your engine cool

During hot weather, the cooling system of your engine has to work much harder to serve its purpose and protect the engine from overheating. Sooner or later, coolants can become contaminated and may fail to perform at its best. However, you can minimize the issue by flushing the cooling system and replacing it with fresh fluid, suggested by the manufacturer.  You must not forget that adding an inappropriate coolant can lead to other severe issues down the road.

Check the Air Conditioning

During hot commutes, there’s a whole lot of maintenance works that you need to take into account. One, is inspecting your air conditioning system, as it will be working overtime during the summer period.

Your car’s A/C has many components – each one is equally crucial to the system’s function. In this particular season, your car’s refrigerant is under high pressure and can invite many problems.

So, have your A/C checked by pros as they can easily work on the refrigerant with the proper tools. They will also work on your thermostat, compressor and evaporator to give you the right amount of frostiness from your car’s system.

Get your window tinted

Your skin means a lot to you. I am telling you this, because by tinting your car windows, you can be free from the UV rays that you absorb while driving on a hot sunny day. The harmful rays not just damage your skin but with a prolonged period of exposure, it can even lead to skin cancer. So, get your windows tinted and get rid of 99% harmful rays.

You know how frustrating it can be to drive a car on a bright sunny day. Well, a strong glare doesn’t bode well for an uber cool ride.

Going for a ride is an extremely emotional experience, esp. at the best of times. And the window tint provides enough privacy to escalate those precious memories.

Other Interior stuff

Summer also means high amount of vicious heat. So make sure it doesn’t ruin the interior stuff of your car.  Say, if you have leather seats, get a good leather conditioner and strive to prevent dry spots and cracks. The excessive heat and UV rays coming from direct sunlight can harm your upholstery. Similarly, variations in temperature can also damage vinyl dashes.

As a proactive step, you can keep handy protectant wipes in a box and use them in regular intervals. It will help keep every interior item bright and crack free.

If you frequently park your car in the direct sun, make sure that you get a proper sun shield. It will help big time in maintaining the interior of your car for years to come.

Once you tick off the checklist, I’m sure you can get set for your ride. And, don’t forget to add “Crazy Circle” by Bad Company on your playlist.


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