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Professional Paint Correction Service in Fort Worth

Paint Correction

Paint Correction 3 Step Proceess



Swirl marks & light scratches are removed to enhance shine and gloss. Ask about our “All in One” option to Correct, Polish & Seal the paint all at the same time. – $400+ ​



For moderate defect removal using Americana Global 1500 leveling compound. Followed up with their Finesse Polish to reveal a very impressive glossy finish. – $600+



For deep defect removal using an aggressive microfiber cutting pad and a leveling compound. Followed up with a series of ultra-fine polishes to refine the paint’s finish to near perfection. – $800+

NOTE: All Paint Correction includes a paint prep wash to strip any or all waxes and sealants, remove the iron deposits and clay bar the paint to remove all surface contaminants. ​

Paint Correction
Before & After Paint Correction
Paint Protection Film

Paint Correction Done Right

Let Technics Auto Shield restore and rejuvinate your vehicles paint job. Through our very meticulous processes, we will restore your vehicles shine by eliminating surface imperfections that can oxidize, dull, haze, or swirl the paintwork of your vehicle. After our paint correction services you can expect that your vehicle will project a clean and sharp reflection. Our paint protection services will remove imperfections caused by improper cleaning, manufacturer defects, bird dropping, acid rain etching, buffer trails, and hologramming. Random isolated deep scratches can be fixed as well, depending on the scratch.

Discover our additional services, such as the Vehicle Wraps page. To learn more about us, visit Technics Auto Shield or reach out to us now!

Paint Correction Examples

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