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5 Benefits of Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film)

When venturing on the road, your car will be damaged by several unwelcome things like rocks, glass shards, sand and chemicals. Permanent damages caused by this will hurt your car’s resale value. A paint protection film or a clear bra will save your car from these damaging things, which are described below.

Road debris

It is very common for your car to get hit by things like trash and other items. The damage that your car suffers from this will be hard to reverse. This is where Clear bra or paint protection film comes to your rescue. The protective cover that it provides protects your car from these hazards.


Those pesky little bugs will become a real problem to your car paint job. Some of the milder forms of damage caused by them include cuts and scratches to your car. However, some insects have acidic properties that can seriously damage your car. The paint protection film will make sure that this kind of damage does not happen.


One of the primary reason because of which your car paint will warp sooner than it should is  the harsh weather conditions. Be it hot temperature or freezing cold condition, both will damage the exterior of your car.

Sand and stones

When we are at road, to be stuck behind a truck that hauls sands and stones can be quite troublesome. Not only is it damaging to your personal health but to your car’s health as well. Not to mention, extremely hard for you to clean the car afterwards. A proper paint protection film will be your ultimate solution.

Acids and chemicals

You might enjoy a rain shower during your ride. But the chemicals and acids found in rain will be extremely detrimental to your car paint job. The paint protection will help you fight those chemicals. The clear bra or paint protection film, applied by trained and professional technicians will be extremely durable and they are easy to remove as well, if required.

So remember Technics Window Tinting LLC to apply paint protection film to your car.  


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