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Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes, also known as Le Mans Stripes, are applied to race cars to identify then in the race course during races. There is another major benefit of these stripes – to help a driver realign his spun out race car with the race course track.

Later, these stripes became a huge fashion and nowadays we also see some normal cars that have racing stripes installed on them. Some major car manufacturing companies, such as Renault 8 Gordini, have made stripes standard on their newer models.

Among the different types of stripes that are installed on vehicles, the two parallel blue lines are the common and the most popular ones. The design is usually installed on the hood, continues on the roof and ends on the trunk.

Racing Stripes Installation

If you are in Texas and want to give your vehicle the ‘Racing car’ looks then head straight for us. We, at Technics Auto Window Tinting, are specialists in installing racing stripes on your vehicles.

Our services have been loved by so many customers that they always recommend us to their friends and whoever wants to have racing stripes installed on their vehicles.

Whether it is simple double line blue stripes or custom colored stripes of your choice, we are experts in giving you car the racing car look with cutting edge finishing. So come up with your ideas or choose many popular designs from our list. From mild stripes to wild stripes, we do it all!

Our graphic designers can work according to your requirements and will guarantee that our products will stay intact for many years to come.

Being one of the top most preferred vehicle customization options, racing stripes are being installed on vehicles almost on a daily basis. So, Call Cory Benton at (817) 571-8468 right now and get an everlasting design and installation on your vehicles. You can also Set Your Online Appointment Right Now.

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