Crystalline Blocks 97% of the Heat. No matter how dark the film is. 

 At Technics Auto-Shield, our Certified Installers will ensure that your vehicle's window tint installation is second to none!


Best known for its very high 97% heat rejection, Crystalline Automotive Film gives superior clarity and protection at the same time. With more than over 200 layers, this window film is the best choice for rejecting heat and it is far more efficient than dark films.

Rejecting up to 97% of the direct heat from the sun and 60% of the environmental heat,  It is designed to keep you and the inside of your car cooler than outside, more comfortable and safe from harmful UV rays.

Crystalline Window Tint is non-metalized and this ensures that there is no wireless signal interference, like cell phone signals and GPS. 

CRYSTALLINE can also be used to cover the ENTIRE WINDSHIELD.  It looks clear but it filters all of the UV Light & I.R. Heat.

3M Crystalline Window Tint Specifics

CR= Crystalline

Comes in a Clear shade and Dark Shades & they all block 97% of the Heat

CR40 –   39% VLT   99.9% UV   60% TSER   97% IR Rej.

CR50 –   50% VLT   99.9% UV   56% TSER    97% IR Rej.

CR60 –   60% VLT   99.9% UV   53% TSER    97% IR Rej.

CR70 –   69% VLT   99.9% UV   50% TSER    97% IR Rej.

CR90 –   86% VLT   99.9% UV   34% TSER    90% IR Rej.


Tesla Model 3 Crystalline (22).jpg

Crystalline 40% on the Backglass. Done with one piece of film. 

Tesla Model 3 Crystalline (21).jpg

Crystalline 40% on the Sunroof. 97% heat rejection. 

Tesla Model 3 Crystalline (14).jpg

Crystalline 40% on the Backglass. Done in one piece of film. 

Crystalline 70% on the entire windshield.  Filters 97% of the heat.


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We have over 20 years experience in every area of window tinting, clear bra and color change wraps. Any car, we can improve it. We have been perfecting our craft for two decades now.


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