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If you have scratches, surface contaminants, oxidation, cloudiness or yellowing on your Headlights, then bring it to us. We effectively can remove all of these without any trace. We also can install Headlight Protection Film to give your vehicle new and clean headlights for many years to come. 10 Year warranty!

Headlights are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Dirty headlights can reduce your vision at night which endanger not only you but everyone around you. And they look bad bringing down the value of the vehicle.

Our experts have the knowledge, experience and tools to provide Headlight restoration services for any vehicle. The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System that we use shines and restores plastic lenses. This system is effective, fast and easy bringing clarity back to headlight lenses that have become dull or cloudy.

Starting at $50/Lens, your old lights can have a new look at a fraction of the cost for a brand new headlight assembly. Plus, you do not have to install anything!


  • Economical & Very Effective

  • Vehicle looks a lot better

  • Protective Film can be added

  • Cheaper than replacement

  • Safer Night-time Driving

Technics headlight restoration
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